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Announcement: Bang2write On Board With Initialize Films

If you’re on Twitter or one of my Facebook buddies you will have heard by now – but if not, or you weren’t paying attention (FOR SHAME!), then you should know I am now a reader for the marvellous training outfit, Initialize Films.

Initialize’s script reading service only launched officially on Monday Dec 1st, so to celebrate, during December 2008 anyone submitting a script for a report can take advantage of their special introductory offer of 2 reports for £80 (plus 15% VAT – so £92 inclusive: normal price is £70 excl. VAT, so this is a superb offer). Please note the offer only applies to reports from UK readers, though Initialize has an impressive array of international readers for international writers.

For those of you who use Bang2write and wonder what you could get from Initialize that you couldn’t from me (oo er), it’s worth remembering that Bang2write’s remit focuses on a more “informal”, supportive dialogue between the writer and reader, so the writer can achieve a more polished draft, especially in terms of structure and characterisation. In contrast then, Initialize offers the kind of script report that puts your script under the kind of professional scrutiny a writer can expect from screen agencies like Scottish Screen, taking in ALL elements of your screenplay and how it works holistically. In short, if you already have a polished draft and find yourself wanting to send it to producers, agents and the like, then a script report from Initialize would be a VERY good idea as “dry run”. Check out the report template and what you can get for your money here. UPDATE: If you would like me specifically to read your script, then just ask Karen at Initialize when you complete your submission form for your report.

I have to admit I’ve never been on one of Initialize’s courses, but I’ve been impressed by the number of Bang2writers who rate them highly, including the Scribefather Adrian Mead. In fact, I’ve literally never heard a bad word said about them from Bang2writers, particularly laydeez who’ve taken their Athena course, designed specifically for women screenwriters. But don’t take my hearsay for it, check out their recommendations page, accessible from the website.

So what are you waiting for? Two for the price of (almost) one is credit crunching madness! Go get ’em…

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8 thoughts on “Announcement: Bang2write On Board With Initialize Films”

  1. Thought you might Elinor!
    I don’t know how many UK readers there are – but if you ask for me, you’ll probably get me… Unless you don’t want me of course! I have read lots of your stuff. I won’t be upset x

  2. Elinor – apparently it shouldn’t be a problem if people want to request me, but my boss is going to check with her boss this afternoon to confirm x

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