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URGENT: Don’t Make Me Write My Own Scripts!!!

So, I’m almost to the bottom of *that* script-pile that’s been forcing its way through my letterbox and onto my desktop CONSTANTLY for the last few months. By my calculations, I may even have – gasp! – NOTHING TO READ by Tuesday this week!!! WTF??

I know most of you will be counting the pennies this close to Chrstmas, so here’s an incentive for you… Book a slot with me (oo er) before December 1st* (*you needn’t take up the slot BEFORE Dec 1st, though I’m happy to proceed ASAP!) and you can get:

The Overview Report: Your short analysed in an Overview report for £15 (15 page limit – normally at £2 a page)

Development Notes: Get development notes on your feature or TV series for £35 (normally £45, 100 page limit)

The Combo: Development Notes AND an Overview report on your feature or TV series for £50 (normally £60, 120 page limit please)

Nanowrimo Special: I know a lot of you budding novelists out there are coming to the end of Nanowrimo, so get Development Notes on your novel!! I’ll read all 50,000 for £100 and give you mega notes on them. (If you’ve done substantially less for Nanowrimo but still want notes, email me with a wordcount and I’ll quote you less, don’t worry). EMAIL NOW TO RESERVE A PLACE before Dec 1st for this offer, I’m expecting quite a few enquiries on this one.

For those of you who haven’t used my services before, here’s some more details:

The Overview Report. This is roughly a 3 page report that gives an Overview (d’oh!) as I see it of your Story, Characters, Arena, Dialogue and “Misc” (stuff like format, spelling issues, random stuff, etc). Good for those of you who want a “dry run” on a polished work before sending your script out to agents, producers, contests, etc.

Development Notes. These run for between 6 and 8 pages and focus on those areas that need most development in your script in my opinion, with detailed suggestions on how you *might* want to approach it.

The Combo. Unsurprisingly, The Combo service does both of the above for your script and you end up with roughly 10 pages of feedback.

Nanowrimo Novelist Special. I will read your chapters and your synopsis and feed back on structure, character, arena, spelling, grammar, etc – everything you’d expect in development notes, but for novels instead of screenplays! You can expect roughly ten pages of feedback.

Need a recommendation? Check these out, I’ve read for all of these recently:

“Wow! Amazing turnaround, and thanks for taking the time to read it, and get back to me with such insightful comments.” Tom Bainton, Screenwriter and Filmmaker

“Thanks, Lucy. You were very, very helpful… Thanks again for your advice.” Solomon Harrison, Screenwriter

“WHEN I get published (fingers crossed, touching wood and all that!) consider yourself the recipient of signed first edition and you’ll definitely be in the credits too, cos if an agent/publisher does pick me up it will be thanks in no small part to you. Will recommend you to anyone that asks as well! Keep up the fantastic work.” Becky Rawnsley, Novelist.

I won’t tell you HOW to write your script or try and get you to “agree” with me; that’s not what I’m about. I won’t be didactic, I will make suggestions only – you can take them into your work or better still, use them as a springboard to develop your own ideas. Paypal and scripts via email is preferred, please.

Email me on Bang2write”at”aol”dot”com for more details – remember, if nothing in this list grabs your fancy, just email your requirements and I’ll be happy to talk it through with you… In a “scripty” way of course: what was that at the back?!? DIRTY BOY! ; )

So come on… don’t make me WRITE MY OWN STUFF!

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