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New Intro

STOP PRESS: Feast your eyes upon my superb new intro and link page.

Yes I know it looks a bit cak-handed, web design has never been my thing, it’s the best I can do! Not sure about the template yet, chose about three million off Google pages, but none seem to reflect my fantastic wit and general wonderfulness. Blame Google: I am but one woman in a sea of internet… stuff. My lad seems pretty (if depressingly) more capable on the web than me these days though, so perhaps if I bribe him with a new Bionicle he’ll build me a new site. Until then, you’ll have to put up with this one.

You will notice some good links on there though, even if you’re a seasoned Bang2writer: I’ve linked to Robin Kelly’s brilliant online Peer Review group, “Peerage” as well as posted some links to writing resource sites I’ve found only recently, including “Argosy Media” and “Freelance Writing Tips”. They’re on the left hand column. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “New Intro”

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask for some time now, whats with Quentin Crisps hat?
    Or is it someone elses?
    Is it your hat?
    Do you wear that when you go shopping in Waitrose for Wispa bars and Jam?
    Do you?

    My word verification today is “dently”
    It means a dent, but gently done.

    “Excuse me sir, I am having problems with the brakes on my Rolls Royce and have dented your car”

    “You bastard, I ought to go gangsta and blade you…you biotch”

    “Fear not my baseball cap wearing friend, my car was travelling at a mere 2MPH and has only gently dented your Ford Escort. In fact it was so gentle a dent I would say it is a dently, not a dent”

    “Say whaaat?”


  2. It’s my “Pimp Mama” hat Brain and there for no other reason than I like it and it’s purple. I dream one day of owning one just like it!

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