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Link Me Up, Baby

For all you internet procrastinators out there who spend all day and all night on blogs, filmmaking and social networking sites (I know I do), Bang2write can now be found on the following sites:


Linked In


As well as

Shooting People, Facebook, MySpace and Inktip. There have never been more ways to get in touch with Bang2write or find out what is going on here… Until the next site, of course. See you there!

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2 thoughts on “Link Me Up, Baby”

  1. Mrs B got me to join Facebook and I now spend every morning tending to my Facebook Farm!
    I am addicted to my farm. If I dont harvest my crops and plow my fields every morning I feel dizzy and can’t settle all day long.
    I need help!

  2. I had a pet on Facebook but it took me to court and then died cos I didn’t feed it. Now I’m banned from keeping virtual pets for life.

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