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FILM PRODUCTION COURSE – Don’t miss out, it’s FREE!

Mahua Productions have been in touch to tell all Bang2writers about its FREE training course (my fave price) in Film Production. Apparently it covers all aspects of producing, including budgeting and scheduling, fund raising and sales and distribution. If you’re a budding producer or want to understand more about how the film industry works, this sounds a great opportunity. Unfortunately I won’t be able to go as I’m busy on the dates below already, but if you do go, let us know and write a report about it! If you don’t have a blog of your own, I’ll gladly post your report here.

UPDATE: The lovely Michelle Lipton has discovered that under “Train to Gain’s” requirements, to get this funding for the course in order to make it free you need to be part of a registered limited company, so it’s not the same as for Skillset and individual freelancers. However, it’s still a great opportunity if you ARE part of a registered ltd company, so let us know if you go.
Phil Morris is inviting you to attend this amazing FREE PRODUCTION COURSE in partnership with the UK Government-backed ‘TRAIN TO GAIN’ programme.

It is a DOUBLE OPPORTUNITY with 2 dates:

10/11 of December and week-end: 13/14 of December.

Phil is a veteran producer with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry in the UK and abroad (Poland, US, Hungary,. ..). Phil has worked his way up from first assistant director to Location manager, Line Producer and Executive Producer on many feature films. His impressive list of credits include, among others, Frederick Forsythe Presents (TV), Hercule Poirot (TV), MIKE BASSET ENGLAND MANAGER (Feature), BEING JULIA (Feature), LABYRINTH (Feature – Tristar/Columbia), SUPERMAN IV (Feature), as well as working on live recording with Liza Minelli and on Michael Jackson’s infamous ‘History’ tour.

Phil currently supervises an 8 picture slate films in development, most of them being pan-european co-production and is eager to pass his knowledge to younger generations to strengthen our industry which lacks first-class producing skills.

Phil is also BBC Health & Safety checked.




T: 0207 9878 746

NOTE: The course will take place in London. Call or email for location and further details.

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2 thoughts on “FILM PRODUCTION COURSE – Don’t miss out, it’s FREE!”

  1. It’s worth pointing out that this course is only free if you are attending on behalf of a registered limited company – that’s how you qualify for the government bursary. Otherwise it’s £500.
    Or so they’ve just kindly explained to me.
    I’m considering asking my scriptreading boss if I can go in their name – but the flyer says the course is aimed at senior management (incl Head of Department)so I might feel a bit silly going along as a newbie reader!
    Each company can send two participants though and it would be right useful…

  2. Oh really! I didn’t realise that, I thought “Train to Gain” was like Skillset. That’s a bugger. Just as well I can’t go then, since Bang2write is not a registered ltd company and I certainly can’t afford £500. thanks for the heads-up Michelle, I will amend the post.

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