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Doesn’t Quite Add Up

There’s a rule in my house that says the kids have until the count of five to do what they’re supposed to be doing – whether that’s turning the TV off and getting upstairs, eating their breakfasts or to stop throttling each other. It’s a system that works pretty well and generally speaking, by the time I shout “Five!” said kid has ceased evilness and is good again.

However, because the youngest is a copycat of extraordinary measure, I heard her berating her brother with this yesterday:

“You got ’til five… One… Four…. Sixteeen… Twenty two…. FIVE!”

Non-linearity is *the* thing in our house, it seems.

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2 thoughts on “Doesn’t Quite Add Up”

  1. I can safely say that your daughter is a true mentalist. she seems quite normal on the surface, quite quiet even, but underneath she is a seething mass of weirdness and hysteria. (Wonder where she gets that from???)

  2. Oh hardy ha, I am bereft of ribs from laughing so much Dazza.

    All I can say is thank heavens you and your bro MARRIED into the Hubster’s family via your Mum! ; )

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