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Warp Films: Want To Be In A Feature?

Following my post back in August about indie film funding via asking members of the public, it would seem this tactic is now making it on to the likes of Facebook too. What interested me about this one was the relatively low figure asked for (£25) and the big talent involved, though there is much detail on what your £25 gets you – though presumably if you email they will tell you. If you’re interested in funding the next potentially big indie film then, check out this initiative by Sheffield-based Warp Films:

£25 to fund and appear in Chris Morris’ Jihadi Comedy

Following rumours in the press and online, Warpfilms can confirm that Chris Morris’ comedy about British Jihadis is being made by Warpfilms as an independently funded cinema feature. The script has been written by Chris in collaboration with Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain and is now ready to shoot. Production will begin as soon as we are fully funded. To that end we are running a number of investment schemes including donations which give you the chance to be in the film.

If interested, please email fundingmentalism”at”warpfilms”dot”com or join the Facebook group here and pass the news on to ten people in your contacts list.

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1 thought on “Warp Films: Want To Be In A Feature?”

  1. If Chris Morris is involved in a film about British Jihadis then I think the £25 donation will end up in his coffin fund.
    Somehow I cant see him writing anything that doesnt offend and you know how touchy some people can be.

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