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Save Kids’ TV Update: Government Response

Some of you will remember my efforts to get you all to sign an e-petition back in April to save Kids’ TV in Britain. It’s not that I don’t like or respect the quality of American, Australian or other imported television; I just think it’s important British children should watch British television, because they’re (wait for it), BRITISH. The fact that just 1% of Kids’ TV in Britain is produced in the UK is nothing short of scandalous in my view, meaning a whole generation of British children could become victims of Media Imperialism. This is not good for a nation’s sense of identity, let alone its culture, citizens or worldview. At all.

Well, because the Government likes to take long holidays over the summer, they’ve finally got round to reviewing the e-petition everyone signed: you can view their response here. As you’ll see, no big decision is being made yet, but hopefully Ofcom will kick some ass and ensure we get more British-made programmes for our kids. Remember – even if you don’t care about Media Imperialism or national identity, more Brit-made programmes means more work for Brit TV writers! That can’t be a bad thing, even if you’re apathetic about philosophy or our kids’ viewing habits.

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2 thoughts on “Save Kids’ TV Update: Government Response”

  1. “Kinge”
    That is the word verification today. Just one letter wrong this time. Oh it’s exciting!

    Bring back Rainbow…that’s all I want.

  2. I got an email yesterday with the government response to the petition. Seemed to be typical Whitehall wishy-wash. We need good British produced drama that children can relate to not American imports. My daughter likes Genie in the House on Nick – if you get a chance, watch it because it has an British cast yet is obviously and definitely made for the American market. Just look at the house the family live in for a start!!! LOL

    Thanks for bringing this issue to the centre Lucy.


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