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Nothing To See Here

Up to my veritable eyeballs, here: it’s hard to see out of my kitchen window due to the stack of paper in there. Seriously. Even better, the cat’s sitting on top of said paper mountain and making it wobble perilously AND more scripts are arriving later tonight by COURIER, but then I may die of a severe overload of work and a severe lack of sanity before the end of the day. William Hill are offering odds of 3/1. Whatever that means.

But if you want something sensible from me, check out Twelve Point where you will see one of my lovely shiny articles waiting for you. It’s on how to promote yourself and your work. Yes, I am good to you, I know: stop crying, it’s embarrassing, just go and read it. Cheers. And have a good weekend, I’ll let you know if I’m still alive on Monday. Or maybe I’ll just fake my death Reginald Perrins-style and leg it. Jury’s out on that one at the moment.

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4 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here”

  1. Someone’s re-making The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. Can’t remember who right now. It was in Broadcast recently.

    But they’re not going to have the ongoing serial element – you know, the stuff about his fake suicide and return etc.

    And they won’t have JC or any of the old characters, or catchphrases (I didn’t get where I am today by recycling old catchphrases!)

    And it won’t be set in the 70’s.

    And he won’t dictate any memo’s to his secretary, because he’ll have a computer and e-mail instead.

    And it’s just going to be called “Perrin”.

    And it’s described as a “traditional sitcom”.

    And… and, basically, it’s not Reggie at all, really. It’s a sitcom about a man with a mid-life crisis.

    Oh, well.

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