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Looking For Paul Molloy

It had to happen sometime, I’m surprised it’s taken this long – but I cannot deliver some feedback to a Bang2writer!

Are you Paul Molloy?? If so, I have DONE your feedback on your treatment. Unfortunately the email I’m sending to, despite being fine LAST week and the week before, now appears not to work! I’ve tried from several different email accounts too, thinking AOL didn’t like your service provider, to no avail. Unfortunately on all the scripts you’ve sent me in the past you’ve never put your contact details on the front, so I have no telephone number to alert you. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh…

You’re not expecting your notes until close of biz tonight, so I’m guessing I won’t get any response til tomorrow. But PLEASE – email my hotmail account with another email address or leave an email address in the comments here. Then I can send you your notes! Thanks!

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