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Feltham Made Me

Long term Bang2writer Paolo Sedazzari has launched his own drama series, Feltham Made Me. I’ve read for Paolo loads, right from when I started Bang2write officially back in 2005: he’s a great guy with a fab imagination and wicked sense of humour, so I’m looking forward to watching this myself. Click any of the titles, Feltham Made Me, to watch. Enjoy!
Covering a thirty year time span, Feltham Made Me is the tale of three lads growing up together in the suburbs of London, put together from transcripts of hours upon hours of interviews.

Most of the material has come directly from the three men – ermott, Jerry and Peter. But also included are interviews with their teachers, parents, friends, enemies, work-mates and chance acquaintances.

Feltham Made Me takes you on a frenetic journey through Britain’s cultural landscape from the seventies right through to present day. But the cultural reference points like the Planet of the Apes, Subbuteo, Man About the House, Punk, John Peel, The Jam, 2-Tone, The Young Ones, The Smiths and Acid House are merely shifting scenery to the real story: a story about male friendship and the strains put upon it over the years.

The transition from boyhood to manhood is never easy. In Feltham Made Me we chart every painful and significant step along the way – from screaming kids in a playground right through to bickering men in a boozer.
Good luck Paolo!

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