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A Response From Kaos Films

There’s been some talk on here and on Shooting People about the upcoming British Screenplay Competition – namely whether it’s worth the entry fee, but also whether the winning writer will be paid and if the prize of a produced credit will really happen.

In the interests of fairness then, I asked Kaos whether they would like to respond. Here’s an email from their rep, Olivia:

“No matter what we say there are going to be people out there being cynical and calling it “just another scam” and nothing we do will ever change their minds. Let me point you to our judges namely Kenneth Branagh, Michael Grade, Sir Alan Parker, Nik Powell, Natascha Wharton and Stephen Woolley just to name a few. If we are running a scam why are these good people involved with us.

Now look at our sponsors – Avid, ilab, Kodak, Panavision, Pinewood Studios and Working Title Films. If we were not genuine would these people have anything to do with us?

If we didn’t deliver do you really think that our judges and sponsors would continue to support us? The BSSC is now in its eighth year and for eight years we have enjoyed fantastic support from the industry. Ask yourself why?

I do hope you people will enter the BFSC. It really is offering a chance of a life time unlike any other competition.”

Thanks Olivia! Want to enter? More info here.

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2 thoughts on “A Response From Kaos Films”

  1. I guess you just have to weigh up the price against the opportunity and that’s down to individual interpretation of course. The contest certainly looks like it will deliver on its promise for the winner.

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