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Don’t Forget BlueCat

The BlueCat semi-finalists have been announced – there were a couple of Bang2writers in the previous round, so if anyone else from the UK has made it to this next one, let us know, ‘cos we’re always interested in hearing about contest placements success stories*.

It’s a good time too to mention that the BlueCat Workshops start in London next week! I won’t be there during the week, but will be present at Gordy’s weekend workshop – so be sure to come and say hello. I’m the brunette with the red carnation.**

If you haven’t decided or don’t know anything about the workshops, then here’s more info!!!

See you there.

* Talking of contest placements, pop over to Elinor’s and say congrats: all THREE of her BSSC scripts have made it through the first round, though frankly I have to say she’s clearly a greedy guts there ; )

** Or not. But you will recognise me by the fact I’m a brunette and very short with apparently “an impossibly loud voice”.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget BlueCat”

  1. My script is through too, but it’s all by its lonesome! Awww…

    BTW, when I click on your link for Elinor, I get this: “Sorry, the blog you were looking for does not exist. However, the name lockandoadbridesofchrist is available to register!” Hmmm, it’s tempting…

  2. I wonder what ‘qualified for the round one’ means: I didn’t misspell anything on the entry form? My cheque cleared? Still, I’m glad I entered a script with a title beginning with ‘A’…

  3. Hey, Lucy.

    Still out there but mostly lurking these days.

    I devoted a post to you if you didn’t notice… with the utmost respect, of course. Just wanted to get some attention.

    Our old friend Olaf seems to be up to his old tricks again. Check this out if you haven’t already:

    I’d say he hasn’t lost his touch – freaking hilarious. Hope you’re doing good. Me? Busy with a monster of a screenplay that really has me fighting some big-ass, mo-fo demons. Who’s going to complain, eh?

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