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Bluecat, Birthday Bleeurgh & Sea Monkey Massacres

So I went to Gordy Hoffman’s Bluecat Workshop at the weekend – many notes to follow later this week, despite the fact that at approximately 3pm I suddenly got the DREADED LURGEE and starting sneezing like some kind of Snuffelufagas. (Very attractive: I blame Kevin Lehane, personally – he was looking dodgy if you ask me; I’m sure he brought some Irish germs with him). But anyway, even though I attended only the Saturday (it was a two day thing), it was very informative and fun. And Gordy’s a great guy. But hell, you knew that.

The fact that I have a horrible cold means I am ill on my birthday – today! How wrong is that? Even more wrong: there’s just one last year of my twenties left now, *sigh*. Then I’ll be as doomed as the rest of 90% of you bloggers out there, just waiting to die… What do you do to cope? I’m thinking about learning to knit, I was given the slippers today FFS. More worrying was the fact I put them on and said, “Aaaah, that feels nice…” Yikes.

And finally: I returned from London yesterday to discover there has been a MASSACRE at my house – Crampon-Fred, the cat, has been drinking sea monkeys right out of their bowl (the boy hadn’t put the lid back on). Noooooooooooooooo… Both kids were suitably freaked out, though more freaky was the girl’s idea that we could simply cut open said cat and retrieve them. She is her father’s daughter.

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9 thoughts on “Bluecat, Birthday Bleeurgh & Sea Monkey Massacres”

  1. Happy Birthday

    And stay calm….you can get as far as 40 and still not be waiting to die – honest 😉 So you’ve plenty of ‘youth’ left.

    I’m ashamed to admit that your cat-swallows-sea-monkey tale is one of the funniest things I’ve read in age. Does that make me a bad person? There must be a horror script in there somewhere. Evil Sea Monkey bursts out of cat’s stomach – a cross between Alien and The Thing?

  2. Happy Birthday and get well soon.
    29 is a good age – I’ve been 29 for the last 7 years 😉

    I was ill on my Birthday this year, and that was after coming back from That London!

  3. Happy Birthday. Now settle down with a nice mug of cocoa and some bread and dripping. Put Gardeners World on the Telly and relax.

    Just kidding. You’ve got another decade to go until that old egg timer has more sand at the bottom than the top.

    And free the sea monkey six.

  4. When he races out the catflap with a fat stomach then saunters back in with a skinny one?

    I wouldn’t recommend locking the flap for a few days.

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