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WANTED: Sketches For A Pitch

UPDATE: Thanks for your emails and submissions and thanks also to others for their suggestions for artists, but I’ve now picked someone to work with – there is some AMAZING talent out there, thanks for your interest!

I don’t normally do this, but then I’ve never wanted an artist before…

…Can you draw? More importantly, can you draw FAST and do the kind of technical wizardry that somehow makes those drawings into jpeg files (or similar)?

I’m looking for someone who will be able to do me three or four line drawings to support a pitch I’m writing and encapsulate its “mood”.*

I’m NOT looking for really complicated drawings, nor am I looking for really BIG pictures – either filewise or literally. They needn’t be in colour either. These pictures would become thumbnails on my pitch because I’m only allowed two pages, CURSES. So they need to stand out, yet be simple.

I imagine this would take one of you talented peeps two to three hours tops – you wouldn’t have to read a whole script or anything. I wouldn’t expect you to do it for nothing either: I’m rather broke, but I can offer a token fee of £50 OR if it’s better for you I can do you some detailed feedback on one of your own scripts instead, run through them with you, that kind of thing. Sound cool?

If it does, please email me immediately on Bang2write”at” – if you could put SKETCH ARTIST in the subject line that would really help cos I get loads of emails on a daily basis and I can find you quicker then. If you could include a jpeg or bitmap file of one or two of your pictures or a link to your own website which shows your work, that would be even better.


*I envisage it working something like this: I send you my storyline, you draw me a few pics of how you see the main character, maybe a couple of elements of the storyline, something like that – which you’d then send back via email. BUT if you’re REALLY busy though then this not a job for you, ‘cos I would need them ASAP (we can negotiate, natch). I will of course give you full details of the pitch, where I’m *hoping* it will lead etc too (it’s a speculative effort I’m afraid, no guarantees, but if I’m successful hopefully there would be more work in it for you storyboarding etc down the road).

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2 thoughts on “WANTED: Sketches For A Pitch”

  1. Hi Lucy – fantastic blog! Your advice and information is incredibly helpful to those like me who are learning the trade.

    I just thought I’d let you know that I know someone who might fit the bill for your drawing…I have passed on this blog link to him. So, maybe he might email you… 🙂

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