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Research or Die # 6: Crime

Dumb Crooks’ Crime Database

The 14 Characteristics of a Serial Killer

Top 100 Serial Killers Of All Time

Crime Library: Notorious Murders, Assassins, Spies, Serial Killers, Terrorists

Notorious Murders and Criminals in History

Casebook devoted to Jack The Ripper

Unsolved and Missing # 1: Lord Lucan

Unsolved And Missing # 2: Genette Tate

Unsolved and Missing # 3: Ben Needham

Unsolved and Missing # 4: Madeleine McCann

A – Z of Crimes and Police Procedure

UK Police Roles, including Special Constables and Community Support Officers

The Ranks of UK Police


An A – Z of Crime Drama! It’s pretty comprohensive too – 9 minutes of clips from our fave Brit and American shows and some I don’t recognise, so maybe they’re from Oz? Let me know if you remember them! Warning: sound’s a bit sporadic.

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1 thought on “Research or Die # 6: Crime”

  1. Knightrider! Quincy! Ironside! Shoestring! Shark… OMG. I’m in heaven with that A-Z of crime drama, whoever made that is officially a Youtube God.

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