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Research or Die # 4: Times & Money

On This Day – fantastic BBC site that recounts everything that has happened on any day’s date

On This Day In Historyas above, but MSN’s version

Today In Literaturesimilar to the above sites, but in literature (subscription required)

Today In Musicmusical history

On This Dayanother site that lists ALL historical events, including music, literature, war, etc

Crazy Fadseverything that’s popular from decades past

20th Century Historyuseful timelines here

The People History useful links to the decades and individual information about computers, money, how much things used to cost, etc

The Incas

Primary School Guide To The Aztecsarchaeological evidence, everyday life, etc

The Egyptians

The Romans

The Tudors

The Vikingsincludes video

Primary School Guide to The Victorians – some useful resources here, including a timeline, games, guide to important people and info on child labour

British Currency Before 1971

Guide to Money, Tax and Benefits Presently Available in the UK

American Coins

Guide to Paper Money in the US

Gallery of World Bank Notes

Currency Converter

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