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Research or Die # 3: Language

The History of The English Languagean amazing site dedicated to English through the ages, including Ye Olde English!

English Language Usage

Dictionary of Slang and Colloquialliams used in the UK

Slang Used In The US

A Short Lexicon of UK Teen Speak

Teen Talk – The Lowdownincludes some useful text/instant msg speak

The Urban Dictionary

Common Errors in Englishreally useful if one of your characters is supposed to be a non-native English Speaker

An Elizabethan English Dictionary

Differences in Language In The UK, US and Australia

Dictionary of Cockney Rhyming Slang

Machine Translation – warning! Don’t rely totally on this, really only useful for small amounts of text or individual words

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4 thoughts on “Research or Die # 3: Language”

  1. Another great resource Lucy, this is going to prove invaluable in the next few weeks – I’ll have another draft winging its way to you before the week is out…I’m back on the horse (Jeez I sound like Amy Winehouse)!

  2. that bbc teen talk article is bait, blood. innit.

    [umm also, i got really excited that the last link was going to translate regular english to, like, binary code machine talk. then realised what you actually meant. i’m an idiot.]

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