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Research or Die, # 2: Events & Disasters

WW2: The Battle of Stalingrad

WW2: The Battle of Britain

WW2: Concentration Camps (plus infomation on The Holocaust)

WW2: Blitzkreig

The Hindenburg Disaster


7/7 Bombings

The Madrid Bombings

The Oklahoma Bombing

The Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster

The UK 1987 Gales

The UK Floods, 2007

How Are Hurricanes Created?

Earthquakes – Questions and Answers

Drought – Key Facts, including links to other natural disasters

Hurricane Katrina

The Tsunami

Cults 1: Jim Jones

Cults 2: David Koresh

The Columbine Shootings

The UK Miners’ Strikes, 1972 & 74 and 1984-5 Slideshow, here)

The Three Day Week (UK)

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2 thoughts on “Research or Die, # 2: Events & Disasters”

  1. Glad you’re enjoying elinor – writers SHOULD read as wide a variety of stuff as possible I think; it cultivates the old brain cells and makes sure your ideas well never runs dry.

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