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Needed: Your Votes!!!

Okay, this is nothing to do with screenwriting – unless you count the dreams of a young boy who *may* one day BECOME a screenwriter. Crush his hopes now and he may become an ACCOUNTANT or a Sewer Inspector. But you can save him!!!

My boy Alf is a mega Bionicles fan. Over at the Lego site they’re running a voting contest on who has built the best new Bionicle character out various bits and bobs from other Bionicles.

Alf is currently in second place, just TWO VOTES behind the lead.

Vote for him! You know you want to.

Click here and then click on “Invincible Hahli”. There is a little vote button in the corner of the description page.

Says Alf: “Anyone who doesn’t vote for me smells of wee.”

He said it… Ta!

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9 thoughts on “Needed: Your Votes!!!”

  1. Oh, peachy – now I’m going to receive Lego update bulletins for the rest of my life. Still, it beats reeking of urine.

  2. OK. Done. The Invincible Hahli looks like a marvellous creature with its double wings for hands. Hope it wins xx

  3. voted. Well – I didn’t want to reek of urine either. I’ve already been called a poo-poo mummy tonight by my little ‘un so keen to avoid any further child curses……

  4. Done. Who would of thorght smelling like wee would be such an effective threat.

    I’m going to start using it in my daily life.

    If you give me that parking ticket you will smell like wee…

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