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Research Or Die # 1: Politics & War

How The UK Government Works

How The US Senate Works

How Elections Work In The UK

How Elections Work In The US

Intelligence Organisations In The UK [PDF]

British Police Acronyms, Rank & Phonetic Alphabet

How To Behave In Polite Society (Now, with an emphasis on Teens) and in Victorian Times

How To Take Over The World

The Northern Ireland “Troubles”

The War On Terror [PDF]

World War One: basic summary including dates and more in-depth research site

World War Two


The Falklands War (The UK vs. Argentina)

The American War For Independence

The Spanish War For Independence

The Cold War

The Gulf War (1)

The Iraq War (2)

The Crimean War

The Korean War

The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Miami Dade “Wet Foot, Dry Foot” Policy

Neo Nazism

The Spanish Inquisition
Have other links, ideas for topics or see a link that is incorrect/no longer works? Let me know at the usual address.

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1 thought on “Research Or Die # 1: Politics & War”

  1. These research lists are a brilliant idea, thanks! I’m total rubbish at finding simple answers quickly, it can be really frustrating.

    If you get short on topics can you consider doing a series of historical ones, maybe by century?

    I’ve just spent a VERY long time trying to work out how much various household items would have cost at the end of the 16th century and therefore whether my characters could afford them (which is easier if you know how much they would have earned for their particular profession). It wasn’t easy (for me).

    [ps – really sorry to hear about the Academy, x]

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