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Parker, Will You Listen To The Man?

As you know I’ve been mega busy this week AND the entire internet *just disappeared* for all of today (okay, maybe only on my computer… But it’s mysteriously back now so I’m not going to complain). However our main man Adrian Mead has stepped into the breach to offer a few insights on the seemingly torturous process of “making it” as a writer. Ignore at your peril…
Building a career is a frustrating process and it’s easy to lose heart or blame other people for not being smart enough to recognise your genius. Sometimes looking at things from a different viewpoint can help.

For example, imagine you were planning to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on building a house as a future investment. Who would you hire? Anna Newbie, a brand new architect who has never had anything built, or Darwell Cain, a highly experienced professional with masses of successfully completed projects? Of course the answer is easy.

So what could possibly make you consider choosing Miss Newbie?

Well first you need to have heard about her. Perhaps she has won a recent design award; Newbie keeps creating very small but highly innovative designs and projects. She has just been mentioned as a hot new talent in the press.

But of course you want an experienced pair of hands. Darwell Cain is busy but has promised to get back to you very soon.

Then you meet Miss Newbie at an exhibition about building your own home. It’s a very brief encounter but she seems pleasant and you swap cards.

Next day Miss Newbie sends an email stating how she was pleased to meet you.

When you look Miss Newbie up she is easy to find via her simple, clean and highly professional website/blog. It creates the impression of a positive and proactive person, especially the awards and shortlistings. All very interesting and you love her ideas. However, you are meeting the great Darwell Cain tomorrow.

Now you find that Cain is extremely busy and not available for months. So what to do? You start looking round for other safe, experienced types.

Then Miss Newbie gets in touch with you. You are impressed to learn she has heard through a variety of contacts that you are considering building a house. Could she take you for coffee and chat to you about it?

When you meet she is positive, friendly and keen to listen to your thoughts. She tells you a little about her career so far; her highly experienced mentors, the small, but fascinating project commission she has recently gained. It’s clear to you that Miss Newbie is passionate and proactive.

Next day you get a handwritten card from Miss Newbie thanking you for taking the time to meet.

You take a further look at Newbie’s work. It’s clear that all her projects show potential to work on a much bigger scale.

Within days Miss Newbie sends you a short document outlining the concept you discussed. It’s exciting, original and clearly shows she was listening to your thoughts. Suddenly Miss Newbie seems like she might just be the perfect choice.
Thanks Adrian!

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7 thoughts on “Parker, Will You Listen To The Man?”

  1. Love the script too, ended up buying the hardback of it cheap at a bookstore =]

    Noticed you’re into the Alien ‘Trilogy’ not a fan of Resurrection? Also as an Alien/Predator fan how did you feel about Alien Vs Predator 1 and 2…

  2. Wasn’t keen on Resurrection, found it a bit dull to be honest – though there were some scary moments. Controversially Aliens is my least fave, probably cos it’s more of a war movie than a horror movie though I do love that scene where they walk into the nest without realising.


    LOVE Predator, not so keen on 2, though I thought Alien Vs. Predator was a good laugh even though it had some mad leaps in logic – why doesn’t the Scar Predator kill himself when he gets facehugged?? And why don’t the others look inside his dead body at the end and incinerate him?? Didn’t like AVP2 at all, not only was it daft I hated “that” moment with the pregnant woman and the whole Predalien only going after women just made it too overtly a rape thing IMHO. And everyone knows how I feel about rape scenes!

  3. I’d like to make your view on Aliens that little bit less controversial by agreeing and saying it’s the one I least like: it’s too po-faced, long, slow, remarkably badly-acted (not Cameron’s strong point) and comes across as a bad Vietnam movie. I even prefer AVP to it! Alien Resurrection seemed to have more intelligence and was visually more interesting. (And had Winona!) Again love Predator, not keen on 2; haven’t seen AVP2 ‘cos I heard it was bit rubbish and concentrated on women being pursued which seemed a bit ‘unimaginative’ to put it tactfully.

  4. Actually, does Mr. Mead have any advice about nerves re: getting yourself out there. Writers aren’t necessarily the most gregarious bunch!

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