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Movie Mogul Screenwriting Comp – Round 2 Starts This Week!!

Many Bloggers and Shooters entered the Movie Mogul Fund Pitch Contest that ran recently – the idea is to create a user-generated and user-owned feature film, so it doesn’t end there!

John Shackleton from Movie Mogul got in touch to remind us that the second round of this contest goes live this week on July 2nd:

The brief is formed from that winning 25 word pitch, as submitted and voted for by members of the website. Screenwriters are then invited to expand on the idea in the form of a two-page outline, with a view to winning a screenplay writing commission at the end of August. The film will go into production later this year with a great deal of press and industry support. More details here.

I saw on the website that “experienced” writers are asked to apply for The Writers’ Brief, so asked John to expand on this:

Whilst the competition is open to anyone, applicants must have the skills and experience to be able to deliver a well structured screenplay to order. They needn’t necessarily have had scripts produced, so long as they have previous experience
(shorts, spec scripts etc) then they are welcome to submit.

This looks a really fun opportunity, so if you go for it good luck and let us all know what happens next for you.

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