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I’ve Got 99 Problems But A Script Ain’t One

Hi Everyone, been a while since my last confess… I mean post. Alright, long for me. Got a fair few things at the moment, accounting for the exploding brain. I think the picture is an excellent likeness of yours truly, the artist in question has made a particularly good job of my luscious beard. Anyway, cheers for all the emails – I dunno, you don’t blog for four days and people worry you’re dead! Or giving up writing. Or boiling your children in a pot to make into meat paste. (None of the above are true, honest).

So, where was I? Yes the Beeb finally got back to me, they DID have my script after all. But I didn’t get into the Sharps workshops, but yes I was still pleased with my effort… Okay it didn’t get through but lots of people like my script, some of them even vaguely important, so you never know: it’s an addition to my portfolio in the very least and I would never have got round to it had the Sharps deadline not loomed. So ta for that Aunty. Bad luck if you didn’t get through, but if you did – let us know! I haven’t heard a sausage and frankly my appetite for info must be sated forthwith.

And NO I know naaaaaaarthing, Manuel-style, about the BBC Writers’ Academy – it’s serious tumbleweed territory on that front and I think the only way we will find out is via the use of power drills on the delicious Academy 2007 graduate and fellow blogger Paul Campbell. Or we could just wait for our emails. July 14th is the latest apparently, so I may just stick with that, blood takes ages to get out. Obviously if you know something, feel free to divulge, we promise not to kill you.

What are you up to?

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14 thoughts on “I’ve Got 99 Problems But A Script Ain’t One”

  1. A Jay-Z reference, an enormous beard and a picture of a power drill – it’s a testosterone fest round here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Well, let’s put it this way: I’d never denigrate my manhood with a picture of a dog in a hat Chipmeister – even when that manhood is just metaphorical ; )

  3. Phew – thanks goodness you’re back Lucy. What with Sharps rejections and no Lucy blog I was starting to get a little low. And I mean that most sincerely.
    Good luck (again) with Writers Academy

  4. Thanks Caroline! Remember – a rejection is an opportunity to get even better at what you do. Difficult to remember sometimes, but definitely true.

    Chip – this blog is ALL man, so much so it can wear pink and look distinguished.

  5. I was wondering if you had got a no from Sharps and was down or a yes and was waiting so you wouldn’t be the first to go Ha Ha.

    Sorry you didn’t get through. I wanted to see those dumpy dancers dolled up. Fingers still crossed for your Academy entry.

  6. But I don’t know anything!

    Aaarghhh! No! Stop it! Turn it off!

    I tell you, I don’t know anything! They don’t trust me. They know I blog. You got to believe me. Please!

  7. Sorry to hear you didn’t make it through to the final shortlist Lucy. Neither did I. Usually rejection causes me to adopt the foetal position on the floor and speaking in tongues. However Iโ€™m starting to think that the real value of scribosphere is as a support network; picking each other up during the tricky times and joining in the celebrations of the successes. A bit like the contestants on Deal or No Deal. Only sane.

  8. good to see you back, lucy… a bit like Caroline, I was missing your posts… didn’t make it with Sharps either (boo!) – onwards and upwards – what’s next? Any good comps coming up? Good luck with the Academy

  9. There’s a bit of a dearth on the ol’ contest front I’m afraid – summer is traditionally the time we hear about various stuff (Final Draft comes immediately to mind). But Bluecat opens again in November I think, so you have plenty of time to get something written for that. With a bit of luck to Red Planet should open again in July like last year – we’ll have to see.

    If anyone has any contests/opportunities/etc for Bang2writers’ consideration, please email me on the usual address and I’ll post ’em up for peeps to have a look at.

  10. I’m in a mad dash against time to get a second short into the BSSC -by tomorrow :O which is the final deadline (well Saturday actually).

    But they’ve yet to announce a deadline on the animation BSSC comp so that’s a possibility for later in the summer I guess.

  11. Shockingly I haven’t got round to the BSSC this year… Tho thanks for the heads up on the animation section Caroline, I might give that a go if I can get five seconds to myself this summer…

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