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Friday Hysteria

Wow, this has been one long week. I know I promised you my thoughts on serials and mini series, but I’m afraid that’ll have to be next week now; I’ve had misbehaving kids, several hysterical phone calls and a mountain of work. Oh, and Coco is dead! Don’t worry, Coco is not one of my many cats, but Lilirose’s favourite doll – it fell down the stairs. Lilirose spent many minutes wailing by the dead doll’s side before stuffing Coco in the cupboard under the stairs. When I pointed out that dolls can’t die, Lil was quite insistent: the doll stays under the stairs! Weird.

As an antidote to this week’s madness then, here’s some music from the uber-talented Jamie Lidell. Really digging this tune – plus the video is great: how many singers have you seen with a unicorn for a girlfriend after all???

Otherwise, this weekend I will be mostly catching up with – you guessed it – more work and the family will also be supporting my son in his qualifying round for the HSBC Wee Wonders Golf Tournament! Turns out my son is absolutely wicked at golf after he found a plastic club in a rented house we moved into a couple of years’ back; now he goes to a golfing range and everything like a mini Toff. All he needs is a tweed jacket, Tally Ho! So think of him on Sunday and wish him luck, since I would love to see him get through to the next round as he’s been working really hard for this.

What are you up to?

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7 thoughts on “Friday Hysteria”

  1. Bloody hell! That singing fella bears a strong resemblance to my delightful cousin, your lovely hairy husband. Especially with that beard. Def a chooooooon 2.

    Good luck to Alfredo on sunday!

  2. I misread this the first time round and I thought for a minute you keep your little girl under the stairs. Should’ve gone to Specsavers!

  3. Lucy…
    I think you have a script there…

    Are you sure the doll FELL down the stairs?

    Maybe Lil battled with it as it had been posessed by an evil entity and it’s spirit can only be contained in a cardboard box hidden in darkness…

  4. If I’m ever reincarnated I pray that it’s as the straight member of a boyband, or as a professional golfer.

    Golf is flooded with money. There are millionaires in the sport who’ve never won anything and never will.

    It’s completely safe – hell, you don’t even have to carry your own clubs around. And careers go on forever (Arnold Palmer played The Masters when he was 75).

    If junior has any talent at all, Lucy, keep him practising.

  5. J&C – end of the day, it’s his decision… I’m always suspicious of these little kids who are well up on a particular sport as you JUST KNOW it’s actually the parents who’ve decided on their destiny. He has fun and that’s what counts: we’ll just have to see if he wants to take it further as he approaches his terrible teens. I hope so – plus teens who have a hobby are marginally less tiresome than the hate-the-world types!

    Sheiky – I am VERY afraid of the cupboard now.

    Mark – that’s a given, of COURSE I keep my little girl under the stairs. Only now the doll is in there with her. Boom boom!

    Cheers Helen!

    Elinor – WTF?

    Evil – double WTF? That singing bloke looks nothing LIKE my hub you nutter!

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