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Film Industry Bloggers – new site

Richard has been in touch with info about a site that may be of interest to you – Film Industry Bloggers:

“The site draws together professionals working throughout the film and television Industry to blog weekly about their experiences in making film, television, commercials and music videos.

Launching with over 20 Film Blogs, including top Hollywood Storyboard Artist Warren Drummond (‘The Bourne Identity’, ‘Evan Almighty’ and John Singleton’s new movie ‘The A-Team’), Production Assistant Brandie Posey (‘Deal or No Deal’, ‘House M.D’ and ’Jerry Springer’.) and Brian Trenchard-Smith (credited by Quentin Tarrantino as his ‘favorite obscure director’ and responsible for over 40 movies and 200 television episodes), the site plans to host over 90 movie maker professionals by September 2008 – covering all aspects of the motion picture industry.”

Had a look myself – some interesting insights on there not only from directors and writers but other people working in such roles as documentary producer and production designer, there’s even the POV of an “industry spouse”! This link will take you there.

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