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BBC Writers’ Academy News

Just got an email about the Academy from the Beeb as I’m sure many of you have… And just like many of you, I opened it with great trepidation – only to discover they haven’t picked anyone yet! ARGH!

Apparently shortlisted candidates should know by Monday, July 14th. Can my nerves stand it??

Just in case, I’m off out to buy a small goat to sacrifice to the God of Writing Scribethar, plus blogging success James Moran and previous Academy pupil Paul Campbell – that should just about cover it by my reckoning in terms of my household gods.

Hope you like curry, fellas.

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2 thoughts on “BBC Writers’ Academy News”

  1. I got that exact same e-mail and almost didn’t open it right then out of a blinding terror it was my rejection e-mail.

    I feel and share your pain!

  2. Excruciating, isn’t it?? This will be my THIRD time of going for this scheme, so I’m hoping it will be third time lucky… We’ll see.

    In other news, people should hear from Guiding Lights by Monday (June 9th) and I’ve heard diddly squat. Looks like that *could* be another that bites the dust (tho that fat lady hasn’t sung yet!)… Onwards!

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