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Something For The (Bank Holiday) Weekend

I’m quite used to people dropping by this blog looking for “werewolf sex” and “talking dirty scripts” by now: you’re even welcome to “take a bubble bath with no pants on” whilst “having flashbacks all day.” Please – make yourselves at home.

Could this be, however, the craziest Google Search ever?

“The horse’s bits were covered in foam.”

WTF? What in the name of all that is holy could this Googler actually be looking for? And how on earth did Google direct them to MY BLOG? I have no recollection of dicussing foam or horse’s bits or covering any bits with ANYTHING now you mention it. Seriously, we Bloggers should have some kind of Google Search Oscar. I reckon I could win. I could blub just as well as Gwyneth too.

On a completely different subject, everyone else seems to be doing it – so I will too: post a music video on a Friday you dirty pervs, what did you think I meant???

I like this one because its random randomness feels like the inside of my brain, plus I like the song, I plead guilty yer honour! Showed it to my son last night, his verdict? “Not bad for the olden days.” Ah yes, the prehistoric era of 1986…

Enjoy the Bank Holiday!

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5 thoughts on “Something For The (Bank Holiday) Weekend”

  1. Best blog search for me this week: “two fist arse fucking”

    I’ve also been mightly confused about “teeth sex scene” until I found out there was a film called ‘Teeth’ and people weren’t looking for teeth having sex.

  2. Recognised the Sledgehammer video without even playing it, just that fuzzy first frame.

    How sad is that?

    I preferred “Don’t give up” because it featured Kate Bush, who I am still completely in love with and have been since “Wuthering Heights”.

    Peter Gabriel is a genius, of course, and Sledgehammer was really really good. He founded Genesis with Tony Banks which is/was one of the greatest bands ever — talk about lyrics with meaning! Wow! — but I don’t love him.

    (“Wow” was a track by Kate Bush. But it wasn’t about Genesis.)

    I’ll get my coat.

  3. I don’t love Peter Gabriel either Steve, but I LOVE Genesis!

    # Turn it on turn it on again… #

    Kate Bush is pretty good too, Hounds of Love is my fave, but I will never forgive her for that Rubber Ball song.

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