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Needed: Your Delicious Brain

I’m writing a new magazine article and doing some research…I need to talk to produced or commissioned writers and filmmakers of genre movies (sorry, no unproduced spec writers at this time, but if you want to chat about genre with me on many of the posts on here about it, please feel free… I get alerts even on old posts, so promise I will pick up any messages. Or drop me an email).

So, have you been involved in a genre film? It doesn’t have to have been massively successful (though that would be great!), it doesn’t even have to have distribution -maybe it ended up in the can for years? Maybe it didn’t even get that far and is STILL stuck in development hell? Just as long as you’ve had an experience of writing and/or making a genre film, I want to talk to you… I’m particularly interested in speaking to people with experience on Rom Com and Horror, though all genres, writers and filmmakers are welcome.

If you would like more information about me or what I’m after BEFORE committing to an interview/informal chat via email, please feel free to contact me first – I’m happy to send more info, a CV, small bribes, etc (as long as the small bribe involves my general appreciation, I’m skint ; )

You can reach me on my usual email Bang2write”at”aol”dot”com, add me to your MSN contacts as bang2write”at”hotmail”dot”co”dot”uk or I’ll see you on Facebook if you want to add me.


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