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Buy May’s Scriptwriter Magazine …

…Or this cute bunny gets it! That’s RIGHT! It will be pulverised by my guinea-pig-poking daughter. So buy this month’s Scriptwriter Magazine TODAY!

Why? Oh, there’s just an article in it you might like, ’tis all. By yours truly. About script reading and why writers write, including insights from the likes of Adrian Mead, Marc Pye, Danny Stack – and let’s not forget blogging faves Dom, Elinor & David, amongst others.

So do it!

Do it today!

Or blood will be on your hands my friends, oh yes.

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8 thoughts on “Buy May’s Scriptwriter Magazine …”

  1. Magazine came through letterbox while I was out. I’ve read your name on the front cover (fame!!!). Is that enough to save the fluffy bunny?

  2. That’s a funny lookin’ rabbit.

    So what’s the kid gonna do? Mash the critter’s head in with a hammer? Drop kick it into a threshing machine?

    Don’t forget to post the photos.

    There’s nothing wrong with having blood on your hands. Though it’s far better when it’s on the hands and up the arms, sprayed across the chest and running down your face.

    That’s called having a damn good time.

  3. Pah!

    Back in the old days on the farm, a lil’ bunny wasn’t just for Christmas, it was for the pot.

    Out at night with a massive torch that was like a mobile searchlight, we’d flick that on The bunnies froze in the beam. The shotguns blew their bloody heads off!

    Proper job!

    You just have to remember all that circle of life shit.

  4. Whatever it is, it isn’t a rabbit.

    Rabbit’s don’t have ears like that.

    Good to see you getting some work, Lucy. Hell, it’s good to see anyone getting some work.

  5. I checked it out, thought it worth the money, posted cheque, got email today from a chap(ess) going by the name of Jonquil telling me that they’re not doing hard copy any more and that for £29 there is an online package! But I’m getting the latest mag so I can see the dets!

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