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BBC’s Academy of Crime…

…Drama, that is. Hot off the press from Broadcast and as rumoured by various blogging attendants of various Q&As and courses at the moment:
The BBC is extending its successful drama academy to serials, with a special focus on crime drama.

Each year it will take on eight writers with experience on long-running dramas and develop their skills in more prestigious short-running series over a two-week course. Together, they will develop at least one new crime drama and graduates could work on Waking the Dead or Silent Witness.

“It is a step up in that sense,” said Ceri Meryck, development producer, new talent and co-tutor at the academy.

The BBC is also planning to sponsor writers from the nations and regions to take part in the main drama academy, which takes place in London over three months every year.

The moves follow the launch of the Comedy College, which aims to develop new sitcom writers and has had over 1,300 applicants since it was announced at the start of this year.

They also join the successful Writers’ Academy run by Meryck and John Yorke, which develops new writers on soaps like Holby City and EastEnders. The academy is now in its fourth year.
I’m obviously not eligible with no TV credits, though plenty of people floating around the Blogosphere are… What do you think of this move by Aunty? A fantastic opportunity or telling you how to do your job? I’m sure there are some strong feelings (or will be!) about this scheme, so let’s hear ’em.

My application for the regular Writers’ Academy has alreayd gone off… for the third year running. I’m hoping for an interview this year. But we’ll have to wait and see. As always. I’ve also got an application in for Guiding Lights. Anyone else gone in for that? Over to you…

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5 thoughts on “BBC’s Academy of Crime…”

  1. Interesting development I’d say, although I don’t come anywhere near qualifying for it yet! It means that there’s a way to progress as a writer to the very top with BBC support, which I’d say is a good thing (so long as it’s not the only way, of course).

    I’m going to give Sharps a try, and best of luck with the Writers’ Academy!


  2. Thanks David! Not sure if I scrape, limbo-style, into Sharps – haven’t even started yet. We’ll see! Best of luck with yours.

  3. After today’s £5m fine for fraud, surely it’s ITV that should be launching an Academy of Crime?

  4. Good luck with the applications, Lucy! I got mine in for Guiding Lights too – for the first time, so fingers crossed all round…

  5. J&C – you would think so!

    Hi Jonathan – good luck with Guiding Lights! I saw Patrick Marber is one of the mentors, that would be GREAT. Apparently successful candidates should hear by June 9th…

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