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She’s Electric

Interesting fact: I affect radio waves. It’s quite annoying a lot of the time, ‘cos if I stand too near a radio it makes this godawful ccccccccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr noise. But on days like today it can be quite fun: various radio station signals jump from one to the next as I walk about my kitchen, like I have my very own mix tape. Nice.

A not so interesting fact: I have ants in my kitchen. I’ve gone Sigourney on their asses but they’re still coming in from a PLACE UNKNOWN. Presumably the garden. I’m slightly concerned they may walk the wee girl out the back door and into their nest (along with several shiny stickers – I’ve seen a blue star and a smiley face also running off randomly today), though given Lil’s mood it may be the only time I actually get any peace.

That is all. Move along now.

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8 thoughts on “She’s Electric”

  1. I heard that ants don’t like cider vinegar. Pour it around, make a line of it and they won’t cross it. That’s what I’ve heard…

  2. …or you could just snort them up. Ozzy Osbourne recommends!

    Re your interference with radio waves (and is this connected to automatic doors NOT opening at your approach?) I think there’s a number of conspiracy theories that might account for that.

  3. Helen, I will buy some cider vinegar! Willing to try anything, it’s like invasion of the body snatchers in here… Though the ants are snatching very small crumbs etc. BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT.

    Elinor, you have a good memory! Lilirose still has to open the doors for me in Lidl. She runs forward and yells “Hi-YAH!” like Miss Piggy, appropriate I think.

  4. Do dogs bark at you as well?

    The only other person I know who seemed to interfere with radio waves and electric doors turned out to be a very cynical cyborg from the planet Madeupname who had come back from the 25th century to be really, really sarcastic to people.

    Then again, that might just be the side effects of sleep deprivation.

  5. Hi babe!

    Still wanna make that short?

    Don’t know anything about ants but
    just popped in to let you know there’s a very cheap “make your own short deal” now posted on mine.

    Remember, it’s Friday…

  6. Saw an episode of Futurama last night where Bender interfered with TVs. OK that could be read both ways so of course I thought of you.

  7. If you can’t zap them with the thing you do to radios, then I found the squirty white powder stuff from B+Q works pretty well

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