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Princess Pants is ill

Lilirose has been sent home from nursery – so that’s my productivity for today shot, though I was relieved to hear it wasn’t chickenpox as first thought. Regardless, she is making VERY SURE I know how much she is suffering: today has involved much wailing, gnashing of teeth and general crying. And that’s just me.

Remind me: I had kids again because…?

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18 thoughts on “Princess Pants is ill”

  1. I thought the answer was one or two words, “deal” or “no deal”?

    Unless you mean, remind me why I had kids in 15 words or less… in which case I still have a one word answer:


    ; )

  2. Deal or no Deal? Pah.

    Whatever happened to 15 to 1?

    William G Stewart is a legend!

    Wait a second. I can’t drink and neither does my missus. does that mean i’m never having children?

  3. Isn’t William G Stewart that bald guy from Star Trek: The Next Generation? MAKE IT SO NUMBER ONE!

    And Evil, you’re not a doctor… Yet. God help the NHS.

  4. Star Trek? That would be Patrick.:-)

    Not do the whole kids thing voluntarily? We did. We made sure we practiced a *lot* first, so we got it right.

    I think it’s important, if you’re going to do something like this, that you make sure you do it right.

    Don’t you?

  5. Practiced huh…So you made a prototype, tweaked it a bit, started again – throwing out the old ones? Or did you incinerate them??

    I for one am outraged Aladdin.

  6. Very droll, Evil. By the way, who said you could use my laptop? I distinctly remember saying that if you came to mine, hands off…

  7. Hi Lucy,

    Hope you’re lil’ princess is better today. In my experience the worst toddler illnesses are the ones where they are too poorly to be at nursery but miraculously recover once at home. Hmmmmm.


  8. Anya: nah me too, love my kids, wouldn’t change ’em for the world. Though my boy still managed to lose his stupid school cap EVEN THOUGH I told him to get all his stuff ready LAST NIGHT, grrr!

    Caroline: It would appear she has hand, foot and mouth – like sheep. It’s not life threatening or anything, she just feels below par. Today she is mostly watching Walking With Dinosaurs and eating chocolate spread on toast, stretched out on the sofa. Every now and again she will bark at me to fetch more or to pass various toys to her. That’s the life, hey?

  9. Walking with dinosaurs and chocolate spread on toast. She knows how to party!!! Sorry about the hand, foot and mouth tho’ – think we had that a couple of years back (ulcers in mouth, blisters on hands?).

    I should be writing now but I think I might go make some chocolate spread on toast and get the old WWD DVD out.

  10. Hey, Evil Twinz, if you’re going to criticise, at least get my name right: a -Dad- insane 🙂

    As a programmer it’s very importsnt to do some fast prototyping just to get a feel for the problem. (Har-har)

    Then proceed through a number of iterations in order to develop the algorithm in full before integrating with the other software and going live.

  11. You forgot the beta release. The one that looks perfect then turns round and bites you when it hits 2digits.

    Why have them. I think ignorance for the first but for the second? Now that’s the real question.

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