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Eclipse: Visual Pitch Up Online!

The lovely people at My Visual Pitch have done me a pitch to promote my supernatural horror screenplay, Eclipse. Check it out here and click on “Eclipse”.

For those of you unaware of MVP and what they do, they’re a bit like Ink Tip in that they are a service you can enlist to help promote your screenplay. They create a short pitch that encapsulates your script, which is then mailed out (like mine is today) to industry professionals like producers and agents. They will promote you exclusively to their list of 750 professionals: that’s a lot of exposure!

And I’ve got to draw your attention to this great deal: MVP is offering Bang2writers a waive of their six month subscription fee (that’s $59) if you want a pitch like mine. Just mention you were directed to MVP from this blog.

If you want to take advantage of this fab offer, or

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