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Yves Lavandier, "Writing Drama": DISCOUNT

If you have read both parts of my Q & A with Yves Lavandier and want to buy his book, then here’s an offer for you!

The lovely people at Clown Enfant, Yves’ Publisher, have agreed to the following for Bang2writers:

– 25 % off + free shipping and handling to EEC members
– 15 % off + free shipping and handling to the rest of the world

Offer available for two months, as of today’s date.

Interested parties: please email Colette on stating “Bang2write” and ask for a discount code to enter on the online shop.

Thanks Clown Enfant!

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2 thoughts on “Yves Lavandier, "Writing Drama": DISCOUNT”

  1. Interesting stuff, Lucy, and I’m very grateful that you posted it, but I’m afraid this guy’s too intellectual for me. Hey, I left school at 15 with just a St John’s Ambulance Brigade certificate to show for my education, so all this philosophy stuff goes right over my dandruff.

    Me, I’m a Bill Martell fan. I reckon you can learn all you need to know about screenwriting by reading his free Script Tips every day for a couple of months.

    Dave Anderson.

  2. Philosophy’s not very everyone David… Though I should stress that Yves’ book is not ALL about philosophy, there’s other stuff in there too ; )

    Also you’re right, Bill Martell is very good. In fact, his “16 Steps To Better Scene Description” is probably my all time fave article, it literally changed the way I write description – for the better.

    Any peeps interested, they can find the link in the LIST OF WONDER on the right hand sidebar of this very blog.

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