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Super Shorts & Development Notes

Many thanks to the marvellous Caroline who prompted me to post this new contest for your scriptwriting delectation. Super Shorts has run a contest for MADE short films for about five years, but this year they’re running a SCRIPTWRITING CONTEST for short film too! And at £15 per entry, it’s substantially cheaper than its obvious rival The BSSC, so you can afford to enter both this year! As ever, let us know if you enter and how you get on…


NEW FOR 2008: We’re excited to announce that this year sees the launch of two new competitions.

The ‘Short Scriptwriting Competition’ celebrates the art of writing a short script with a cash prize and is supported by some of London’s top literary agents.

The ‘Online Music Video Competition’ is a chance for the online public to reward talent in the field of music videos.

And returning is our ‘Short Film Competition’ with a top prize of £1,000 cash.

Save money by applying before the Early Deadline of 8th March. The last deadline for scripts is 7th April and for short films and music videos it’s 8th May.

For more information and to submit your short film, music video or short script please visit our website.

With all these contests about, you might be thinking you need some Development Notes for that spec feature you’ve been neglecting… Please do! My brokeness thanks to the house move continues and I would be more than happy to read for you.

My Development Notes consist of 6-8 pages of notes plus a logline, breaking down any areas I identify as in need of development in further drafts, with references to other movies and articles to illustrate my points. Don’t worry though – I’m NOT one of those vitriolic readers who will cold water on your ideas or tell you I AM THE QUEEN OF SCRIPTS. Everything’s subjective and I will offer up SUGGESTIONS, not annoying assertions.

And people coming through the blog and quoting this article will get my special rate – £39.99 instead of the usual £45 (all I ask on this is that features are 100 pages or less: if yours is substantially more, let me know and I will work out a quote for you – will still be a great deal though!).

Need a recommendation first? Check these out.

Don’t forget either Bang2write doesn’t just read features – but shorts and all sorts too! Just email for a personal quote on this.

Looking forward to reading your work! ; )

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