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Fat Eyelid

There are many strange things in the world. Like alien abduction. Aurora Borealis. Geysers. Children’s odd ability to say exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time, right at some toe-curling moment.

Strangest however, is the fact that for no apparent reason at all this evening I seem to have a fat eyelid. I’m not kidding. The difference between them is quite obvious. I’ve had it narrowed down to two things by my ex-biologist hubby: I’m allergic to my sexy new silver eyeshadow or I’ve somehow sprained it.

WTF? How can you SPRAIN your eyelid? Unless of course I have somehow blinked 50% more with ONE EYE and not noticed. Which is always possible.

Have a lovely evening. Looking out of both your eyes, you lucky buggers.

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10 thoughts on “Fat Eyelid”

  1. I just new it. You secretly wear a monocle around the house, pretending you’re miss lardy-da novel writer par excellance.

    Sorry about the big eye.

  2. Hi Lucy. I suspect you’ve just been getting the balance all wrong between your “Nudge, Nudge” and your “Wink, Wink”. Try nudging a little more, and winking a little less.

  3. I suspect you have a stye (sp?) – rub it over with anything gold and it will disappear…. either that or you will find it gets thoroughly infected, making you blind. Either way, it’ll be exciting!

  4. Goild… Blind… Hmmm, sounds great! Thanks MJ. Shame I passed up the chance of a gold wedding ring, mine’s white gold — or will that work??? I think it’s the only remotely gold thing in the house… Knew there *had* to be some advantage to being a chav. Or being married to Mr. T.

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