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Blatant Pimping: Need Me to Read Your Script?

Well it’s the Easter Holidays down here in ol’ Dorset and since he’s got rid of his pupils at school (he hasn’t dispatched with them, they’ve merely gone home) it’s about time Him Indoors had our OWN kidz all day leaving me free to read your lovely script. That’s right: now is a very good time if you need my services. And for those of you who quote PIMP HAT AD, you can have 15% off Development Notes. They’re normally £45, but this means you get ’em for £38.25.

Need a recommendation first? What about this one from the marvellous David Anderson:

Thank you… For the best, the most encouraging, the most intelligent and the most downright useful coverage I’ve ever had. Your development notes for [my script] show you to be a thorough-going professional – fast and highly conscientious.

I’ve had scripts covered in the past by [other places] and I have never had anything as finely detailed or as helpful as this. You’ve done more than give me your impressions and pointed out the faults… You’ve actually shown me how to write a better script. It’s like having a smarter collaborator! And you can quote me on that.

If that’s not enough, check out all these. I promise I will treat your script with care! Unless you want me to behead and bury it in the garden, Bang2write aims to please my friends.

Don’t forget either that I read novels, treatments, even short scripts – with the BSSC coming up, some feedback is always a good idea! I also do Overview reports for those more polished drafts, so treat yourself to a “trial run” before sending off that script to contests, agents, prodcos, etc. Email me and I’ll do you a good deal.

Come on people… If I don’t get something to read next week I might actually end up writing something OF MY OWN. And no one wants that on their conscience, surely?

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8 thoughts on “Blatant Pimping: Need Me to Read Your Script?”

  1. Can tell you lot live in the warmer part of the country. No clothes? Round here? Only if its to dance round the stone circles. And even then they wear socks!

    Right. I’ve procrastinated enough. I’m setting myself a target to get my treatment kicked your way before the end of the week. And a couple of BSSC shorts too.

    Now, who can I farm my kids off on?

  2. That’s right Chip and Jase, forget the naked chef: I am the script reader in the buff.

    Rachel – please do! I would be deeee-lighted to read for you again madam.

  3. That’s a fine hat, Lucy. I have one just like it in yellow.

    You put a lot of work into the site. There’s much here that’s interesting and useful. You shouldn’t feel reticent about trying to pay the bills from time to time.

    The problem now is that I have a mental image of writers working in the nude. And I’m reading a John Mortimer novel. This is not good.

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