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Anthony Minghella Has Died

Terrible news.

Anthony Minghella wrote and directed two of my ultimate faves, Truly Madly Deeply and The Talented Mr. Ripley and was only 54.

Obviously our thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.

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11 thoughts on “Anthony Minghella Has Died”

  1. I thought it was an absolutely masterly adaptation – I quite liked the book, but loved the film. I don’t normally like Jude Law at all, but was captivated by his performance as Dickie, he was so vile! The fact we feel so sympathetic towards Tom as well when he is SO screwed up is great.

  2. I’m really sad he’s gone. He made stuff that made me cry but I’d still watch it again.

    By the way Dave’s done his link instead because he didn’t know what else to say. Both in shock.

  3. From what I remember the No1 Ladies Detective Agency was in post production. I think it’s being shown on easter sunday if i’m not mistaken.

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