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Weekend Round Up

I’m working like a beeatch at the moment and feel like one of those wobbly head dolls you get in tacky souvenir gift shops… Only if I stand still long enough, I think my head will actually fall off and go rolling down the street like Vivien’s in The Young Ones, so better make this quick.

First off, there is a winner of The Red Planet Prize – A Miss Joanna Leigh! Well chuffed a laydee has claimed the prize and beaten all those fellas back with a pen in the eye and a high heel on the back of the head (well, metaphorically, I’m sure she didn’t kill anyone… Or is that where I went wrong, I didn’t spill enough blood??? If you’re reading Joanna, get in touch and tell us! 😉

Secondly well done to our very own Sir Daniel for placing in the times/Chicken House Children’s book prize with long term writing partner Sam Morrison. They’re in the top 5 out of a whopping 2000 entries! It’s a cutting edge read I hear, about children enslaved by monster chickens in a time not far from now – spookee. Wait a minute, the doorbell’s ringing…

…Oh it’s Danny (what? We both live in sunny Bournemouth…). He says there are no monster chickens. Well then, I’m copyrighting that one since that is clearly a terrible oversight on his part, the briefly *clearly* calls for some. Tut. It’s a great achievement regardless of the lack of gigantic poultry, so get over to Danny’s place and give him a big fat virtual kiss. Avoid his virtual beard however. Scratchy.

In the blogsophere, peeps are mighty busy of late I note: James Moran’s career continues to skyrocket and he has done his very first podcast ever and is jetting off to bi-mon-sci-fi-con soon (or something like it). He is so successful now you do realise that soon we will have to address him as “sir” whilst rubbing ourselves with his beloved marmalade just to access his blog page. Quite frankly he must be stopped, the man’s a maniac: only last week he confessed to having monkey sex in his mind with all of those who enjoyed his episode of Torchwood. I feel used, used and dirty Moran! You said you would respect me in the morning!

On a slightly more educational note then, Lianne’s adaptation group will reconvene on Feb 26th to discuss the novella and movie Stand By Me. This is a very worthy adaptation and is a fantastic exercise for you scribes out there, so I do hope you will be taking full advantage of our Lianne. Ooo er. But anyway: click here for more details if you want to get involved.

Similarly Sheikspear has some rather marvellous educational links up that may prove some use, one’s by some bird called Lucy Vee, you’ll want to skip that bit due to deja vus, but check out the others. similarly, The Potdoll has some good ones too about online writing courses.

Finally, News Sluice has described little ol’ me as “svelte” and “effervescent” which must mean it’s well, news. And probably news to you, ‘cos it certainly was to me…

Have a good weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up”

  1. It’s fab isn’t it? Brings back memories… I think watching Ade Edmondson and Rik Mayall was the only time me and my menagerie of siblings were ever quiet in the same room for more than 6 seconds! : )

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