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Please Hold… This? Don’t Mind If I Do…

Turns out my phone line won’t be switched on for ages at the new house (at least three days!! THREE DAYS!!!!!! How will I actually cope??), so you won’t be seeing my cyber ass around for a while. Shame. Guess you’ll just have to console yourself with this neat little video – if you’re a laydee or of that persuasion anyway, else you’ll just have to look elsewhere. Punk.

Right: everyone ready for blatant objectification of a fit male? You are?

Press Play.

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8 thoughts on “Please Hold… This? Don’t Mind If I Do…”

  1. I’m missing hunks and chocolate, or even hunks of chocolate. I’ve GOT to get on Metlab next year!!!

    Will miss your daily musings Lucy. Hope move goes well and you get reconnected on schedule.

    And watch those ribs when you lug the boxes about. Better still get some hunk to do it while you watch. OK images in my head of sweaty musclemen. Got to go calm down now.

  2. Moved house?

    Didn’t you move house not so long ago?

    I don’t know, I stop blogging for a while and time becomes a blur. Then again, I could be talking out of my arse (it does happen). Now there’s a picture that will haunt you.


    Chris (ukscriptwriter)

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