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Pay Close Attention

If you’re wondering what you should do with your life, then you must take heed of this call to action that popped into my inbox this morning:

The Fundamentaloids now must know, speaking in the vulgar argot of this planet. I was told that Jim and we shall talk of far more interesting things. Music. You must friend. Somewhere underground so my jaw radio probably wouldn’t work.

Go forth friends: we must travel underground.

Just don’t bother taking your jaw radios.

Have a fab weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Pay Close Attention”

  1. I doubt very much that it’s spam. It seems like a dire warning of some kind. Significant that it’s 29th Feb, don’t you think?

    We must try and find this Jim and…

  2. And it has been pointed out to me that “Matt Damon really needs f***king see this” means something very different from “Matt Damon really needs TO f***king see this”

    Blasted biscuit crumbs in keyboard!

  3. Lucy, since when have you taken to posting my private messages to you on the internet?!

    The jaw radio is MY invention, do you hear me? The world is not ready.

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