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Mr. Vista

Mad-busy at the mo packing to move house AGAIN and do a stupid amount of work at the same time, so here’s a few words from my fellow Bournemouthian and top bloke Tim Clague… Check it out.
An invitation for everyone to check out my new comedy web series – Mr Vista. It’s hosted here.

The Dailymotion guys are giving it great support and it strikes me that the portal editors are now as important as festival programmers in the success of a film.

Each episode features the silent clown style buffoonary of Mr Vista whose struggle with life is symbolised by a computer progress bar over his head. Who doesn’t feel like life is being sliced away, one pixel at a time???

Hope you enjoy the first 3 episodes and any writers out there who are inspired with some good ideas, let me know.

Lastly worthy of mention to all film makers is the funding for this project. It all came out of advertising on the blog!

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7 thoughts on “Mr. Vista”

  1. I just watched episode 3 and I gotta say…
    Men don’t sound like that when they orgasm. Maybe some women, but not men. LOL.

    Unless you’re into the type of men who have orgasms that make them whine like a puppy…

    I gotta tell you, at first I thought he hurt himself.

  2. Oli – I wish my friend. Carpets not down til tmw, damn their hides. Tho just as well since only half the house is packed!

    Hope – it’s a brainchild all Tim’s, though he really DOES mean it when he says he welcomes ideas on what Mr. Vista should do next. I’ve already put my two pence worth in, will be interesting to see if any turn up.

    Carlo – You may not sound like that, but there was a flat I used to live above when I was a student and the guy in there – yikes! Never saw his face but I heard him yelping every night, moved out 4 months into a 6mth lease because of it.

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