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Just Passing Through…

Well, I have a telephone line installed but apparently it’s going to take 20 EFFING DAYS for my ISP to move my broadband. WTF? I wouldn’t mind so much if I say, moved from Devon to Dorset, that’s a pretty long way so I could imagine my Broadband struggling to catch up with us… But no: I have moved LITERALLY ACROSS THE ROAD. How hard is it to move broadband from one side of the road to the other, hmmmmmm? Is my broadband still sitting in the old house, its feet up, watching porn (it’d have enough access). Maybe it’s getting an honourary degree from some online college or better still, enjoying the three trillion pounds sent by Nigerian Spammers. Whatever the case, I’m stuck with the horrors of dial-up for the next few weeks. Joy. To think I thought this was the norm! How foolish. Cybermen and women, I salute you: I know you said I would like it if I tried it (broadband that is, dirty buggers), but I didn’t believe you. I stand corrected.

Meanwhile then, many thanks to the marvellous Philippa who emailed me with this little gem of a course. Some details below or visit the website. Anyone who is anyone is going to be speaking it seems, but because of that the price tag is HIGH. As always, if you go, let us know what you think!

Broadcast’s forward-thinking TV Drama Forum will bring together a wealth of talent and expertise to inform and inspire.

Drama is the lifeblood of British television, uniting audiences and attracting the attention of broadcasters and viewers all over the world. Yet the landscape for TV Drama is shifting. How will you need to adapt and evolve in order to take full advantage of what the future holds for TV drama?

Top speakers include:

• Andrew Davies , Screenwriter
• Russell T Davies , Writer and Executive Producer
• Luke Alkin, Acting Head of Drama, Channel 4
• Eileen Gallagher, Chief Executive, Shed Media plc
• Sally Haynes, Controller of Drama Commissioning, ITV
• Dominic Minghella, Founder, plainvanilla
• Ashley Pharoah, Joint MD, Monastic Productions
• Nicola Shindler, Chief Executive, Red Production Company
• Ben Stephenson, Head of Drama Commissioning, BBC Vision

Broadcast’s TV Drama event has already captured the industry’s imagination. We have over 100 delegates confirmed, representing the cream of the television universe. Join them today!

Places are now extremely limited at this pioneering event. If you’re serious about your future in TV drama, please book now to avoid disappointment.

The TV Drama Forum will:

Examine what is working creatively and commercially for TV drama and how this impacts on your future projects
Provide insight into what the broadcasters are looking for from TV drama
Identify the potential for multi-platform drama and how to successfully adapt TV dramas to work across platforms
Uncover ways in which digital media is being used to maximum advantage in support of TV drama
Investigate methods for overcoming budgetary challenges
Explore opportunities for co-production
Highlight the experiences of those who have achieved international success with British drama and examine future possibilities for international distribution
Understand what the future holds for drama outside the M25
With on stage interviews, panel sessions and case studies featuring some of the most influential figures in TV Drama, and ample opportunity for discussion and debate, the Broadcast TV Drama Forum provides a comprehensive look at key opportunities and challenges in the TV Drama industry.

Who should attend:

Executive Producers, Producers, Heads of Drama, Commissioners, Heads of Development and Creative Directors from production companies and broadcasters; freelance Producers, Writers and Directors; senior representatives from post-production companies and distributors, and all those passionate about TV drama and TV drama’s future.

Book online here.
Got me sold! pity there’s a whacking great hole in my pocket where my wallet should be thanks to this house move. Everybody else though, if you fancy it – don’t forget about Skillset’s Screen Bursaries. They HAVE to give money to people like you and me to go on these courses. I got a bursary to attend Adrian Mead’s adaptation course next month, so why shouldn’t you get some money too? Find out more about applying for one of these bursaries yourself here.

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8 thoughts on “Just Passing Through…”

  1. Hope went smoothly and what got broken going across the road was what you’d planned to “break”.

    BT told us 21 days but delivered in 5 so keep fingers crossed.

  2. Velcome back. I have missed my wing woman. Do you know where it is flight left-tenant? Oh you are the new tenant in your new home. Good. All is well.

    Ps…this is a lesson in patience:)

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