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Happy Valentine’s Day

Obviously my romantic life is over now I’m married, but wishing you, my Blogging Pretties, the very best in lurve and general sauciness. Hope you’re doing something special?

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8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. romantic life is over now i’m married?

    i’m shocked, shocked.

    for The Goddess and i, every day is valentines day. no matter how much that turns our eldest’s stomach.

  2. Evil Dazza – v gd.

    DFM – I know, I’m shocked too: he led me out of my debauched ways and everything, but one day I will have my revenge upon his pure soul.

    Dom – dunno what you’re talking about, I don’t know anyone called Lilly Rose, unless that’s your spelling again?! ; )

  3. My pure soul??? Now that is a laugh. Just you wait til I get back tonight Lady, you’re in big trouble telling lies about me again (my mum told me not to marry a writer, shld’ve listened)

    You know better than to post on Friday afternoons my love: it’s silent reading in class and surfing for yours truly. Ah, the state of education today lol

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