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Stephen Moffatt In Moviescope!

I know lots of you out in loved Stephen Moffatt’s episode of Dr. Who, “Blink” recently, so you may be interested to know that Moviescope Magazine have an interview with Moffatt in the new issue. You can read excerpts on their website until the issue wings its way to our sweaty little hands next week. Other articles of note include Sweeney Todd’s John Logan on writing and Sanctuary, an internet-only SF wedisode series, a sure must for all those interested in our Digital Future as writers. Talking of Dr. Who, Torchwood starts tonight on BBC2 at 9pm. I don’t like Torchwood* obviously because I’m not mentally unstable like the rest of you reprobates (I’m looking at you James Moran!), but I DO like to see good looking men snog the face off each other, walk around with no shirts on, have fights and generally just be well, good looking, so I will definitely be watching. What?

* When I say “don’t like”, I mean I actually do like it but would never admit it.

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5 thoughts on “Stephen Moffatt In Moviescope!”

  1. Blink was fun and inventive as it was a “non-Doctor” ep (he and Martha were relegated to giving advice through a pre-recorded video, nicely done within the plot); quality hokum all round. And, um, isn’t it Steven Moffat, not Stephen? :0

  2. If Dr. Who wasn’t in Dr. Who then who was???

    And I’m really glad you spotted that Lady Muck, it was a DELIBERATE mistake to keep you all on your toes and quite frankly I am appalled it took you ‘orrible lot so long to find it since I posted last night!

    ; )

  3. Good-looking men with no shirts on snogging the face off each other?!!! I shall have to watch if only for research purposes you understand…

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