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Skillset Funding – Screen Bursaries

Did I mention Adrian Mead and Clare Kerr are running a course on adaptation in Edinburgh in March? Oh that’s right, I did. (Click on the links here, here and here if you want more info on the course and why it’s a good idea to learn more about adaptation).

I also mentioned then that I would only be going if I could secure funding from Skillset. Well good news! I’ve got some. So I will definitely be there. I know some of you out there are going too: I called no less than three B&B’s in Edinburgh yesterday who told me, “Soz luv, no room that weekend, some screenwriting thing going on”! But if you’re going to be there – drop us a line in the comments or send me an email: Bang2write”at”aol”dot”com. If you live in Edinburgh already, let me know that too! Let’s get a little Scribomeet going one of the evenings!

So… Too broke to go? So was I. That’s why I applied for one of these. It’s a grant from Skillset to allow people like you and me to advance their careers in the media industry. You have to fill out quite a lengthy form and find lots of examples of costs etc, but it’s well worth it. They ask you stuff like: “How will this course help you in your career?” Unsurprising stuff really. My answer: “I intend to have a rabid affair with both of Mead Kerr since I am sleeping my way up the media industry and need your help to get to Edinburgh to do it.” How could Skillset resist? You might want to write things like “networking opportunity“, “new knowledge on adaptation since I’ve only ever written original specs” etc however.

So…What are you waiting for? Apply! I’ll see you there, no excuses.


Skillset website

Mead Kerr website

Travel and Accommodation in Edinburgh

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2 thoughts on “Skillset Funding – Screen Bursaries”

  1. Hi, Lucy.

    First off, congratulations on getting some funding from Skillset to attend the Adrian Kerr class on Adaptation.

    Secondly, many thanks for telling us about it. I didn’t know these Skillset bursaries even existed. I’ve downloaded all the bumf and intend to get my name down for one.

    I don’t think I can make the Adaptation class, too busy trying to rewrite two spec scripts and masses of ads and stuff for Pontin’s holidays, but I will definitely attend future classes if I can get a few quid from Skillset.

    You know what? I must be one of the very few wannabes out here who’ve never taken a class or a course. I’ve read all the books, visited all the websites, but never actually been able to afford to get out there, take a class and network. Thanks to you, it looks like a whole new world could be beginning to open for me.

    You are a star, Lucy!

    Dave Anderson.

  2. You’re welcome Dave! And thanks. Too bad you can’t come to the Adaptation class – would have been good to meet you at last. You should definitely go to a few classes though: there are a lot of boring, crap and ludicrously expensive ones out there though, so make sure you listen to what others have been saying about the ones they go to. If in doubt, email me! I’ve been to just about every class at some time or another it feels and if I haven’t, I generally know someone who has. You can never go wrong with Mead Kerr though I reckon.

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