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Marketing YOU

I found this online… Whilst it is actually about working in business in an office (shudder), I think a lot of transfers nicely to a Scribe and how they market themselves and their work. Enjoy.

Develop a marketable corporate person: Think of yourself as a publicist with the task of promoting you. Learn to capitalise on your skills, succinctly assert your achievements and project a corporate persona. Giulio Andreotti, seven times Prime Minister of Italy, used to say, “It is not important to be right; it is important that other people think you are right.” [So make others think you are the best writer EVER! As hard as it sounds… Lucy]

Establish profitable relationships: Business networking is a valuable tool to gain information, increase your visibility in your field and make connections to help you move forward. Seek out new contacts and mentors you admire. Determine the priorities of your boss, find out what’s required from you and brainstorm ways to surpass expectations. [Ask the people who are doing what YOU want to do then – want to be a TV writer? Ask one how they did it. Want to make a short film? Find a short film maker… L]

Master transferable skills like goal setting, effective communication and time management: You might not know exactly what you want to do with your life, but transferable skills will serve you well, whichever future path you take. Work with your boss [Writing Mentor? – Lucy] to set specific, reasonable and attainable goals for your present position to help you advance to the next level.

Impressions count: Tessa Hood, a leading brand consultant who works with students at Leeds Business School, says the whole package comes down to employability. The so-called “soft skills” which Leeds is instilling in their students last well beyond the interview. Impeccable presentation and a convincing manner work together to persuade employers you are also a proficient networker and team worker. [It’s not just your scripts people look at!]

Stay motivated despite trying circumstances: Start each day with a positive outlook and focus on your goals. Caprice has moved from glamour model to serious businesswoman with the launch of her own lingerie range. She says, “I wanted to create opportunities for myself and I did. I got there because of my hard, hard work and my drive and ambition. Everyone has to have a vision or a dream. We all have to work for something.” [And aren’t we all? But waiting for it to happen won’t work… You have to get out there and make it, L].

Get people to co-operate: Other people don’t care what you want – they want to know what’s in it for them. By approaching negotiations with an attitude that allows both parties to win, you’ll be more effective at eliciting co-operation and getting what you want. [A particularly useful point re: getting an agent! – Lucy]

Be proactive about your career growth: Approach your performance review strategically by soliciting feedback on your progress, identifying new goals and hammering out a long-term promotion plan. When asking your boss for a rise, be prepared with a list of contributions that have positively impacted the bottom line. [Since so few of us actually earn money at this writing thing then, why not look at each others’ work and rate each others’ progress? You could help your peers motivate themselves and them you PROVIDED you’re tactful – L].

When you’re struggling to survive in a corporate job, it can be an achievement just to make it through the day. Do everything you can to create a rewarding job experience. Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou – founder of easyJet and a millionaire with an MSc – advises being prepared to take risks, making your own decisions, and hoping for good timing and good luck.[Definitely sounds like writing! – L]

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: reflect on the words of the great philosopher Ice Cube my friends – You can do it if you put your ass into it. Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Marketing YOU”

  1. Excellent article, Lucy and timely advice. Particularly the bits about the writer as marketable entity and getting your work and yourself out there.

  2. It could have been written by The Scribefather and his Archbishop Adrian Mead, couldn’t it?!?

    Hi Adrian, if you’re reading. Ahem.

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