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Let’s Hear It For The Boys

Our fellow Scribes have been busy-busy lately!

Christopher Stack, the half-brother of our own Danny Stack* (only he was spirited away at birth to LA, yet still leads a curiously parallell life involving movies to the Irish brother he never knew he had until the advent of The Scribosphere) has put his marvellous short An Exercise In Vigilance up online for all to see. He’s even inviting comments. I watched all seven minutes this morning and was impressed: the production values are great! The website too has some interesting info on how it was shot etc, so those of you into filmmaking in particular should take a look. Watch it here.

Also, congratulations to Denis McGrath: his episode of The Border, “Bodies On The Ground” aired this Monday just past in Canada. Unortunately we can’t get this show in the UK as far as I’m aware (on Freeview anyway), but I’m sure it’s my type of thing – its Imdb search tags are “security”, “smuggling”, “spying” and “action hero”! Check out the official Border Blog, incl trailers & clips here.

Oh – and did I mention that James Moran wrote tonight’s episode of Torchwood, “Sleeper”? Well that’s the allegation… Really I wrote it, but to protect my identity as a script reader/editor to all you guys out in I magnaminously signed all the rights and the enormous fee over to him. Oh and the actual writing of it. So you could say *technically* it’s all his own work. But then you’d just be splitting hairs. Can’t wait until 9pm tonight? Watch a preview here.

* Not really. But wouldn’t it be marvellous if it was true? Siblings reunited by mutual love of blogs and films. Aaah.

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