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Help Me Avoid Finanacial Ruin (okay, an exaggeration)

I bought a house on December 14th. YAY!

It’s like, well-wicked man. Has a garden and and upstairs and everything. It’s not big enough of course and my son’s going to have to live downstairs in what was the living room, but according to my calculations we can’t extend until 2010. (Unless I sell a screenplay for megabucks of course but I have to admit that is remote and not gamble my family’s entire security on what *might* happen – damn it!).

The downside? Well, we bought it just before Christmas. NEVER DO THIS. The buying of houses always involves more expenditure than you think and then if you have as many bloody relatives as we do needing presents (why did I marry a sodding triplet??), then extreme brokeness is not far away. Add to that the fact the house looks like it is actually out of 1984 – literally: green walls and red carpets? You WHAT?! – and needs many “little” jobs that add up to a BIG PRICE and you can see my problem. *Sigh* Oh and it’s tax season. It just GETS BETTER.

So, what has this got to do with you?


You could be my last line between the good life and financial ruin. Okay, that’s exaggerating, Barclaycard will help us out for a while, but after that: my babies will be on the streets! And it will be your fault my friends! Okay, that’s an exaggeration too. But if you need some coverage – like now, SOON – that would be great.

I know you’re probably broke too what with it being January, so tell you what: make me an offer. Look at my price list and tell me what you want, we can work something out. Obviously there will be some things I can’t go too low on, but others I can be flexible. So try me.

Looking forward to reading your work…

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